Create an Online Picture Menu for Your Restaurant

By: RateMyFood

When customers search for your restaurant menu, they want to see the food. Most restaurant websites and menu management platforms such as Single Platform are just a textual list of items. People have no idea if they would want to eat anything on your menu if there are no pictures. RateMyFood is different - you can create a picture based online menu where potential customers can see if your food looks appetizing before they come in and order something.

Deciding what to order is hard.

When I go to a restaurant for the first time or when I try something new at a restaurant I frequent, I sit there for so long trying to figure out what to order. Sometimes I ask the waitress for a recommendation. Sometimes I just pick something at random. Some restaurants have a big billboard in the lobby with pictures of select entrees, and this really helps. However, everything is not up there, and I don't like surprises. The stress from ordering something and being disappointed is almost more than I can take. Some restaurants have brought my food, and it's a complete letdown - I thought it would be bigger! Is there any chicken under that mountain of fried coating? These are just some of my mental responses. If only I had a picture before I ordered, I could have avoided so much pain and disappointment.

People are searching for your menu!

Are you giving them what they are looking for? Or are they just getting a list of entree names that doesn't mean anything? I almost always look up the menu for a restaurant if I'm not sure what to order, and it's rarely a good experience. Usually I'm just as confused as when I started. Without firsthand knowledge of a restaurant's offering, I'm basically just ordering what sounds like it might taste good. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.

How is RateMyFood's menu creator different?

Using the app, you can put your entire restaurant menu on the web - complete with pictures for each entree. Your customers can browse and see real pictures of what they can order. This creates a feeling of security because they can have more confidence in their purchase and be more satisfied with their experience at your establishment.

Your customers can also add their own photos and reviews to menu items you create. This helps build trust in your restaurant. We make it easy for your customers to share pictures of their food on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

What if I already have an online menu?

You probably have a website or a listing on Single Platform, but there's not reason why you can't create a menu on RateMyFood also. It will go into google search and help promote your restaurant.

How do I get started?

Right now all you have to do is download the app, add your restaurant, and start adding menu items and uploading pictures. Here's how items on your menu will look.

Is it free?

Creating your menu through the app is free! We may add additional services in the future to better serve restaurants and allow you to interact better with your customers. But adding you menu to the platform will always be free!

Use professional images.

Well done, professional images of your restaurant's entrees can go a long way. People in the restaurant industry know how to get quality images for flyers, paper menus, and other promotional material. Use those images when you create your menu in the app, but you'll need one for each entree!


Create your online menu. Rate food at restaurants.

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