Do I need a website for my restaurant?

By: Ben Warren

Every business needs an online presence, especially restaurants.  Having your own platform is valuableYes, there are lots of other places online where you can establish your business such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google Places. A number of paid platform also exist such as menu hosting service SinglePlatform and the plethora of food deliver apps. These are all well and good, and you can't use all of them efficiently. Pick and choose what you t...

Create an Online Picture Menu for Your Restaurant

By: RateMyFood

When customers search for your restaurant menu, they want to see the food. Most restaurant websites and menu management platforms such as Single Platform are just a textual list of items. People have no idea if they would want to eat anything on your menu if there are no pictures. RateMyFood is different - you can create a picture based online menu where potential customers can see if your food looks appetizing before they come in and order...


Create your online menu. Rate food at restaurants.

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