Chipotle Chicken & Avocado Panini (Reviews) - Jason's Deli

Chipotle Chicken & Avocado Panini

Grilled chicken, avocado, lemon crema, chipotle aioli, pepper jack, red onions, Mexican roll


I was pleasantly surprised by this sandwich. It doesn’t look that great, but it’s actually got great flavor and the cooked jalapeño peppers add a nice touch. It’s not too spicy, but you can taste it. It’s seems pretty healthy and light but also filling. I would order this again. The chicken is grilled, so that’s healthy and low calorie. Also avocados are really good for you. It’s like a taco in sandwich form.

- CowboyBenWade


This has lots of good chicken and avocados. It comes with chips and salsa, which is very good. This is one of their best paninis, and I would 100% get this again. Very good.

- billybob