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Chips & Pico

The guacamole is so good - really good pico de gallo. I get this every time I go. Highly recommend.


So good - fried sweet plantains.


Tito’s Big Burrito

Tito’s Big Burrito
Grilled steak, chicken, chorizo, or pork served with onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, rice, beans and cheese.
As the name says this burrito is huge and very filling. However, it’s rather bland. I had to drown it in habanero sauce, and it...

Tito's Fish Burrito

Fried fish, onions, lettuce, sweet plantains, and pink sauce. This is one of my favorites. Adding a little bit of habanero sauce makes it even...


Arroz Chaufa

This is really good, just wish there was a little more of it. Steak is very good.

Lomo Saltado

These are Peruvian style fajitas. I got the grilled chicken. It’s really good, comes with corn tortillas and salsa. I will definitely get this again,...

Tacu Tacu

This is good, but it’s just beans, rice, and a meat - chicken or steak. It’s got some onion and corn in the chicken, but...


Cuban Sandwich

👍👍 I order this all the time. Chicken is really good, but it also comes with steak.


Chicken Taco

This isn’t on the menu, but just get a fish taco and ask them to put grilled chicken in it instead of fish. It’s really...

Fish Tacos

Amazing! Probably the best fish tacos in Athens GA. The fish is talapia, but you can replace it with chicken if you don't like tilapia....

Steak Tacos

This is not on the menu, but you ask for fish tacos with steak instead of fish. The fish they use is tilapia, which is...